If you injured your knee or have been having trouble moving it because of arthritis, your doctor may have recommended that you see an orthopedic surgeon to see about having replacement surgery. However, because you may have heard things about having your knee replaced, you may be reluctant to follow through.

There are many misconceptions that you may have about the surgery which are simply not true. Below is the truth behind a couple of myths you may believe about having knee replacement surgery to help ease your misgivings about having the procedure done.

1. You Will Have to Keep Your Knee Immobile for Weeks or Months after the Surgery

One myth about having your knee replaced that you may believe is that having the surgery done will keep you immobile for weeks or months afterward. You may be under the impression that you will have to lay in bed or sit on the couch while the surgical site fully heals.

However, instead of laying around, you will be expected to get up and move around within days after the surgery. If you stay immobile, the knee will actually not heal correctly, and you could end up having to repeat the surgery. The orthopedist will let you know the timeframe in which you are supposed to start getting up and walking around after the surgery.

2. You Will Never Be Able to Enjoy Sports or Other Physical Activities Once You Have Your Knee Replaced

Another myth you may believe that is making you hesitant to have your knee replaced is that you will never be able to enjoy the activities you like ever again. You may believe that your new knee will keep you from playing sports, going hiking, or exercising.

However, once your knee is replaced and it heals, it will once again be restored, allowing you to enjoy the activities that you are currently missing out on. The surgeon will let you know once you can start participating in physical activities again after the surgery.

After you have healed from your surgery, your knee should work better than it did before, allowing you to enjoy activities that you were missing out on beforehand. You will also not be expected to lay around and keep your knee still for months. Instead, you will be expected to get moving as soon as possible. If you have any further questions or concerns, make an appointment with an orthopedist who performs knee replacement surgery so that you can speak to them.