People often suffer injuries as a consequence of others' actions. Thus, it is only logical for the injured parties to seek compensation for their suffering. However, failure to present adequate evidence of the sustained injuries and proof of the defendant's responsibility can deny a victim fair compensation. On the other hand, failure to scrutinize evidence presented by a victim can be costly to a defendant. Thus, an independent medical evaluation is important when handling personal injury claims. The benefits of such evaluations are discussed below:

Clarification on the Extent of the Sustained Injuries 

When seeking compensation for injuries sustained at work or other people's negligence, such as reckless driving, it is crucial to understand the full extent of a client's injuries before filing a claim. As an attorney, you should advise your client to get an independent medical evaluation from a specialized physician. The physician will thoroughly assess the client's physical and mental state to determine how the injury has or might impact their lifestyle. The physician's report then becomes presentable in court as evidence to justify the client's compensation claim, especially in the event of partial and long-term disability. An insurance adjuster can also request an independent medical evaluation to determine whether a victim's medical history contributed to an injury or influenced their judgment before an accident. 

Reliable Evaluation of the Victim's Injuries

After a workplace or motor vehicle accident, an insurance adjuster might want the victim to undergo an independent medical evaluation to determine an insurance company's liability in the victim's compensation. Conversely, an attorney might request an independent medical evaluation to compare their client's physical and mental condition before and after the accident. Therefore, an examination from an independent doctor guarantees unbiased and objective results that portray the true extent of the injuries. An independent medical evaluation also attributes blame to the responsible parties by stating the cause of injuries. 

Prompting the Liable Party to Cover the Victim's Medical Expenses

Any attorney's primary objective is to ensure their client receives proper healthcare to aid in their recovery. However, a defendant or insurance company may be apprehensive about paying for injuries they believe were caused by other factors. Thus, personal injury attorneys may request their clients to get an independent medical evaluation to prove who was responsible for the sustained injuries. Moreover, an attorney can use the doctor who conducted the independent medical evaluation as a witness in court hearings or settlement proceedings. The attorney can then use the evidence to request a pre-settlement fee to pay for outstanding medical bills and other services that aid in recovery, like physiotherapy.